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Yeast selenium (organic selenium)


Today, the demand for selenium supplements, especially selenium-rich yeast (organic selenium), is increasing. Organic selenium is modeled on nature, which has replaced sulfur in the structure of sulfur-containing amino acids. The best form of selenium for human and animal metabolism is selenomethionine. This form of selenium can accumulate in the yeast cell mass grown in culture medium containing the mineral selenium. Yeast can convert mineral selenium, which has low bioavailability and high toxicity, to an organic form that is safer and more biologically active. Due to the need of livestock, poultry and humans for organic selenium, which is safe and has a high absorption capacity, its production in the country will prevent the outflow of currency and create jobs, which is in line with the policies of the country’s resistance economy.


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Zinc-rich yeast (organic zinc)

Zinc is one of the trace minerals essential for biochemical functions and the immune system. Zinc affects growth, reproduction, and the immune system by affecting enzymatic activity, gene expression, or mitogenic hormones, signal transduction, transcription, and RNA synthesis, and plays a role in the structure and function of more than 2,000 transcription factors. The element on the cofactor is essential for many structural and functional proteins. Zinc exists in nature in both organic and inorganic forms. The mineral type has given way to the organic type due to absorption and bio-preparation as well as lower storage in the body compared to the organic type. Studies have shown that some microorganisms, especially yeast, can produce cell mass with a high protein content using soluble sugars and organic acids. It can also convert minerals that have low bioavailability and high toxicity to organic forms that are safer and more biologically active.

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Sperm thinner

Sperm or semen thinners have special properties that make sperm last longer. These substances are involved in providing the required energy, protecting sperm from temperature damage, reducing physical and chemical stress due to cooling, freezing-thawing of sperm and finally creating a suitable environment for sperm to survive temporarily. The most important benefits of sperm freezing are accelerating the implementation of special breeding programs, using superior breeds with more production, easy transfer of sperm from production and collection centers to artificial insemination centers, off-season reproduction, prevention of species extinction At risk and so on. The use of these diluents is to freeze sperm and use it for artificial insemination to increase production and expand livestock and poultry farming in the country.


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