Breeding and selection


The result of mixing a shawl with a Romanov ram

Improves the lambing rate of the second abdomen by an average of 180% with an off-season reproductive cycle

Increasing the birth weight of lambs and increasing the desired daily weight of ewes: 90-80 kg Weight of rams: 110-100 kg

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The result of mixing Avasi ewes with Romanov rams

Improvement of lambing rate of 200% average with off-season reproductive cycle Optimal birth weight: average 4.5 kg

Optimal daily weight gain: (380 g daily) Rams weight: 120-110 kg Sheep weight: 100-90 kg

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Saanen -Mahabadi mixed goat

The result of mixing Mahabadi female with male Saanen

Produces suitable high-fat milk with multiple climates resistant to weather conditions and disease

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