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lacaune sheep

Its origin is France. This breed is multi-purpose and is suitable for milk-meat and lamb breeding characteristics. Expensive Roquefort cheeseis also produced from the milk of this breed. However, it is highly adaptable to different climates.

  • Rams weight: 90-100
  • Ewes weigh: 70-80 kg
  • Average daily weight gain: 340-360 grams
  • Length of lactation; about 180 days
  • Lamb fertility percentage: 170%
  • Average percentage of milk production: 280-450 liters

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Romanov sheep

Romanov region is in Russia. But this breed has been modified and recognized in France and Canada. These sheep are adapted to the cold inland climate and local feeding. Its wool color is gray and the black line appears like a wreath around the sheep’s neck. Unlike other breeds, Romanov ewes produce 2 to 6 lambs per parturition. This breed is a good choice for the crossbreeding and breeding programs of native herds due to its important characteristics such as non-seasonal reproduction, high lambing percentage, strong maternal sense, and low sexual puberty age.

  • Rams weight: 80-90
  • Ewes weigh: 70-80 kg
  • Lambing percentage: 280-330 %
  • Daily weight gain: About 280 grams

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Suffolk sheep

The Suffolk is a France breed. This breed is used as a terminal cross in breeding programs. This breed is a result of two breeds of Norfolk ewes and Southdown rams. Suffolk breed is a meat breed because it has a daily weight gain and high quality and low-fat carcass and is resistant to various climatic conditions and also has a good efficiency in milk production for its lambs.

  • Rams weight: 125-135
  • Ewes weigh: 75-90 kg
  • Average daily weight gain: About 400 grams
  • Weight of weaning age of lambs: 32-35 kg
  • Lambing percentage: 160-170 %WhatsApp Image 2021 03 25 at 11.17.11 PM 1


Saanen and Alpine goat 

Saanen and Alpine originated in France. The Saanen breed is white and the Alpine breed is brown.

Saanen and Alpine have no horns and have short legs, large and full breasts. These two breeds have the high physical strength and high adaptability to environmental changes.

Saanen and Alpine goats are known around the world as dairy breed, and their milk has a pleasant taste and is suitable for dairy products.

  • The average daily milk production is about 950-1200 kg per period
  • Lactating: 306 days
  • Female weight: 60-80
  • Male weight: 80-120 kg
  • Kidding rate: 160-180%
  • Age of sexual puberty: 7-8 months

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