About us

Since 2016, Radin Dam Fartak Company, located in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Tehran, as one of the most reputable active companies in providing and implementing all livestock, poultry, and aquatic services and producing knowledge-based products by experts and professors of the University of Tehran and it has been established from the beginning with the slogan of experience, expertise, and innovation to meet and improve the needs of activists in this field.

Introducing some products and services of Radin Dam Technology Company:

  • and distribution of knowledge-based products (probiotics, semen extenders, selenium and zinc-enriched yeast, etc).
  • Freezing of sperm and embryo
  • Production and distribution of Animal and poultry supplements
  • Production, reproduction, and distribution of a variety of high-productive and breeder livestock (sheep, goats, lama, alpaca, etc.).
  • Animal breeding, reproductive and nutritional management
  • Cervical and laparoscopic artificial insemination
  • Specialized consultatioProduction ns
  • Holding educational course
  • Production and distribution of livestock supplies and equipment (sperm and embryo, Sponge, CIDR, hormones, devices for sperm inseminations and collection, ultrasound and laparoscopy)
  • Trading activities including import and official representation of ultrasound equipment (China BMV and Spain Import-Vet) PMSG hormone from NSHF Company and livestock from France