Internal research and development

Radin Dam Fartak Corporation, located in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Tehran, as one of the most reputable companies active in providing and implementing all livestock, poultry and aquatic services and producing knowledge-based products, has been operating since 2016 with the help of experts and professors. Tehran has started and has been established from the very beginning with the slogan of experience, expertise and innovation in order to meet and improve the needs of activists in this field. The mission of this company is to provide and implement all services in a complete way and accompanies the esteemed producers to achieve maximum performance and economic profit. Main services include:

  • Sperm production (fresh and frozen)
  • Management of breeding, reproduction and nutrition of breeding units
  • Design, commissioning and construction of breeding units in a modern way (especially light livestock)
  • Cervical and laparoscopic artificial insemination
  • Expert advice
  • Nutritional, reproductive and management services of poultry sector

In this regard, Radin Dam Corporation with a specialized staff of reproduction, genetics and nutrition from the University of Tehran is ready to consult and implement industrial projects for livestock and poultry, including cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, horses, chickens, ostriches and ornamental birds from zero. Up to one hundred such as nutrition and diet writing, diseases and treatment, sonography, supply of carpet or frozen sperm, embryo, cider, sponge and hormone, preparation of sheep and goats, supply of llamas, basic animal husbandry, cervical artificial insemination and laparoscopy, discussion It reproduces and breeds.

1- Examining the market needs for specialized services

2- Entering services in the research and development department to use modern technologies

3- Holding seminars and workshops to introduce services

4- Performing services by the company’s specialized team with quality and reasonable prices throughout the country

1- Veterinary services

  • Specialized visit of herds and provision of treatment and prevention services according to the latest findings and use of herbal medicines instead of overuse of antibiotics
  • Perform laboratory diagnostic and medical animal diagnostic services to prevent the spread of the disease throughout the herd and no economic damage to the farmer

2- Reproductive services

  • Cervical artificial insemination of sheep and goats
  • Laparoscopic artificial insemination of sheep and goats
  • Synchronization of sheep and goat estrus
  • Ultrasound – according to the distance and number of animals
  • Artificial insemination of turkeys and hens

3- Educational services

  • Cervical artificial insemination training for sheep and goats
  • Laparoscopic artificial insemination training of sheep and goats
  • Teaching how to do ultrasound of sheep and goats
  • Diet writing training
  • Training in sperm extraction, dilution and production of frozen sperm
  • Artificial insemination training for turkeys and hens

4- Breeding services

  • Sheep and goat breeding advice based on geographical area, climate and economic conditions for profitability
  • Introducing different breeds of imported and native livestock for efficient animal husbandry
  • Provide breeding and mixing programs based on science and experience

5- Laboratory services

  • Performing biochemical blood tests (antioxidant, hormonal and biochemical blood kits)
  • Setting up laboratory units for large farms
  • Performing genetic tests to detect FeC Bgene in Afshar Berola breed

6- Nutrition services

  • Applied ration writing training with new and up-to-date software
  • Adjust rations for livestock based on the latest needs of the day
  • Introducing agricultural waste to replace corn and soybeans in animal feed

Poultry nutrition services

1- Broiler chicken

  • 5% concentrate in two stages
  • Concentrate 2.5% in two stages

2- Broiler mother chicken

  • Mineral and vitamin supplement of breeding period
  • Mineral and vitamin supplement production period up to 50 weeks
  • Mineral and vitamin supplement 50 until the end of the production period

3- Turkey

A- Mother

  • Mineral and vitamin supplement of the initial period
  • Mineral and vitamin supplementation during the growing season
  • Mineral and vitamin supplement production period

B- Meat

  • Mineral and vitamin supplement of the initial period
  • Mineral and vitamin supplementation during the growing season

Reproductive services, specialized poultry consulting and training

  • Reproductive services
  • Artificial insemination gun for poultry
  • Poultry sperm diluent


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