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Llama and Alpaca

They are pseudo-ruminants which is Artiodactyl order and belong to the Camelid family. Llamas originated 40 million years ago in the Central Plains of North America. General specifications Lifespan: 25-30 years Average body weight: 250-300 kg Pregnancy period: 330-360 days Age of puberty: 14-18 months Weaning age: 4-5 months Llama and Alpaca usage Breeding, reproduction, […]

About us

Since 2016, Radin Dam Fartak Company, located in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Tehran, as one of the most reputable active companies in providing and implementing all livestock, poultry, and aquatic services and producing knowledge-based products by experts and professors of the University of Tehran and it has been established from […]


ارزیابی رقیق کننده ه ست کامل لاپاراسکوپی مجتبی اماموردی AN13215-with-cover-page-v2 An-Improvement-in-Productive-and-Reproductive-Performance-of-Aged-Broiler-Breeder-Hens-by-Dietary-Supplementation-of-Organic-Selenium article_75987_28479ea12a2f96bfb8bbf0569db6a11a Optimization_of_Ram_Semen_Cryopreservati20161209-10211-v77pod-with-cover-page-v2 تشخیص آبستنی به روش سونوگرافی AN13215-with-cover-page-v2 An-Improvement-in-Productive-and-Reproductive-Performance-of-Aged-Broiler-Breeder-Hens-by-Dietary-Supplementation-of-Organic-Selenium AN13215-with-cover-page-v2

Semen Extenders

Semen Extenders (SemiExell) for Bull, Ram, Rooster, Buck and Honey bee Semen extenders are liquid diluents added to semen to preserve its quality and fertilizing ability Extender has a vital role in the preservation of sperm cell and its quality parameters such as viability, motility, acrosome and membrane integrity etc. Semen extenders contain buffering system […]

Zinc-enriched Yeast (Organic Zinc)

Zinc-enriched Yeast has zinc which is an essential trace mineral involved with more than 200 enzymatic reactions, ranging from protein synthesis to the regulation of the immune system. Every cell in the body requires zinc to multiply. Zinc exists in nature in both organic and inorganic forms Bioavailability and rates of tissue retention is higher […]

(SelenoYeast (Organic Selenium

Provide the ingredients and suitable milieu for sperm preservation The best form of selenium for human and animal metabolism is selenomethionine in Seleno Yeast, Which can not be synthesized in the body of animals and human Selenomethionine in Seleno Yeast can accumulate in yeast cell mass grown in culture medium containing the mineral selenium Higher […]

Nutrition services

Production and sale of concentrates, mineral supplements-vitamins and starters for light and heavy livestock, poultry and zoo animals  

Genetics Laboratory

Homo and hetero (fcb gene) test in Afshar- Booroola breed is performed by Danesh Bonyan Radin Dam Corporation in a genetics laboratory with high accuracy   

Breeding and selection

 Shal-Romanov The result of mixing a shawl with a Romanov ram Improves the lambing rate of the second abdomen by an average of 180% with an off-season reproductive cycle Increasing the birth weight of lambs and increasing the desired daily weight of ewes: 90-80 kg Weight of rams: 110-100 kg    Avasi-Romanov The result of […]

Imported animal

lacaune sheep Its origin is France. This breed is multi-purpose and is suitable for milk-meat and lamb breeding characteristics. Expensive Roquefort cheeseis also produced from the milk of this breed. However, it is highly adaptable to different climates. Rams weight: 90-100 Ewes weigh: 70-80 kg Average daily weight gain: 340-360 grams Length of lactation; about […]